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I have not heard from Bravo1 in a long time, and the site has not been updated for years. However, I am keeping this website available for those wishing to download his Morrowind mods. Any links that did not work have been corrected or removed.

Welcome to my site!

    Through some happenstance you have stumbled across my little corner of the vast 'internet.' This site really does not have a theme, content is added in conjunction with my interests. Feel free to browse around... and enjoy your stay.

    If you have any feedback, suggestions or whatever, feel free to email me.

Update - 29 November 2005
    Still no artwork up... but it'll come, I promise. In the meantime, I've added another entry to the Beetle's page. I'm not sure if I should mention each entry here in the site updates or not. But, we'll see...

Update - 16 November 2005
    Been busy lately. Added some new content to the site as well as reorganizing some of the older pages. Check it out.

I know the art gallery is currently empty. I've got a portfolio review in December and I'm scrambling to finish that. Art will probably be going up sometime around/after that...

Update - 7 September 2005
    I've just noticed that Marksman Enhanced has been added to the list of mods over at Empirical Morrowind. A big (and apparently belated) thank you to Tarnsman for that!

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