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I have not heard from Bravo1 in a long time, and the site has not been updated for years. However, I am keeping this website available for those wishing to download his Morrowind mods. Any links that did not work have been corrected or removed.


There are lots of great sites out there on the web, here are just a few I've stumbled upon so far.

Due to the large quantity of links, I've separated them by category.

Art Links

ArtPad - express yourself!

Font Garden - aptly named; free fonts for every occasion!

Mayang's Free Textures - excellent texture library; guess where I found this sky?

Valo Yossa - Amy's site; awesome artwork and cool wallpapers

Bug Links

The Bug Shop - pictures of a step-by-step '57 resto as well as lots of good tech info

The Old Volks Home - ignition, tuneup specs and more

The Samba - excellent site; lots of great technical info, active classifieds, and an informative forum

Wolfsburg West - quality parts for your VW Bug or Bus and great customer support

Misc. Links

Commissioned - a webcomic I read from time to time

Modders' Sites

Calislahn's Morrowind Mods - for all your Dryad needs

Kalikut's Morrowind Mods - Chimer and Drow galore

Morrowind Visions - a mirror for Silaria's old site, kindly hosted by ThreadWhisperer

Regan's Morrowind Mods - who can resist those X-jiit?

Morrowind Links

Elder Scrolls Central - a friendly and welcoming place for modders to talk about their work

MW Mythic Mods - an excellent compilation of general and themed mod lists; there, be sure to check out:

   Empirical Morrowind - a neat little list dedicated to "game enhancing" mods

   Starting Out with Mods - a thorough guide to installing and using mods

   TELESPHOROS' LIST o'MODS - arguably the most comprehensive list of Morrowind Mods on the web

The Imperial Library - a wealth of articles, maps and tomes on Elder Scrolls lore

The Official Elder Scrolls Site - need I say more?

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages - comprehensive walkthroughs for all games in the Elder Scrolls series

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