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I have not heard from Bravo1 in a long time, and the site has not been updated for years. However, I am keeping this website available for those wishing to download his Morrowind mods. Any links that did not work have been corrected or removed.

Game Mods

Everyone likes to tweak things, so why not games too?

At the moment, all I've got on here are mods for the game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
. Apparently, other people like them too, so I put up a download page.

Bravo's Argonians v1.1

    This plugin replaces the stock Argonian heads and hair in the game with a more colorful variety. The textures in this plugin were made to complement Silaria's Argonian Body Textures, however, you do not need to have them to use this plugin.

Details and Download

Marksman Enhanced v1.2

    This plugin adds several new crossbows to the game as well as tweaking the various other marksman weapons in an attempt to differentiate the uses of each type of weapon. If you want to try and pick off your enemy in one shot, you'd be well-off with a crossbow. If you're making a stand against a group of enemies far off, you'd be better off with a bow. Once the enemy comes in close, throwing kinves/stars provide the quick reloading necessary in an erratic fistfight.

Details and Download

Tel Volorith v1.0

    An alternate Telvanni stronghold mod in a more secluded spot. Upon submitting the original construction contract, the player can build the new stronghold. Or, if feeling a little nostalgic, can choose the original stronghold, Tel Uvirith, instead.

Details and Download

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