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I have not heard from Bravo1 in a long time, and the site has not been updated for years. However, I am keeping this website available for those wishing to download his Morrowind mods. Any links that did not work have been corrected or removed.

1964 Volkswagen Beetle

    If there's one car most people can identify on sight, it's a VW Beetle. These little cars have character, each and every one seems to have its own quirks...

This page will chronicle the restoration of my 1964 Type 1 and whatever adventures we may have along the way.

29 November 2005


    Brought her home without any problems the weekend before Thanksgiving. Did a general cleaning of the interior and inventory of the items found in the car.

    Doing a little research on The Samba, I found that Gabriel's Locks and Keys would be able to rekey my locks so that one key fits all. They've got a very good reputation and work exclusively on VW locks.

    So Wednesday evening I drove her to get gas and discover yet another thing to fix. I found that though the headlights work quite well, the dashboard light does not. So I made the trip without the benefit of being able to look at my speedometer. I'll just have to add that to my to-do list.

    What little I've done to the car so far has been very enjoyable and I look forward to working on it more intensively once exams are over.

16 November 2005


    Well, here she is. Right now she's parked at a friend's house until the garage is cleaned out. He's been teaching me to drive stick and hopefully I'll be able to take her home this weekend.

    Rust does not seem to bad, once she's home, I'm planning on taking things apart and poking around. The previous owner installed some new 'custom' carpeting in the front, so I'll probably be peeking under that. Then I'll take her around to get some price quotes on a new paint job.

    I've got some period, tri-point seatbelts from Wolfsburg West I'll be putting in once she's home (only the front for now). I'll also be looking into getting a new driver's side door that closes without sticking (the current one is NOT original and has some problems at the lower hinge), as well as getting all the locks in order and rekeying the new door so that it locks with my key (currently, only the passanger door locks from the outside).

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