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I have not heard from Bravo1 in a long time, and the site has not been updated for years. However, I am keeping this website available for those wishing to download his Morrowind mods. Any links that did not work have been corrected or removed.

Bravo's Argonians v1.1


    This plugin was originally going to be incorporated into a rework of the Better Heads/Faces of Vvardenfell Argonians project (providing various bodies and matching heads). However, since Motoki has left the world of Morrowind modding for a while now and has not returned, I'd decided that instead of letting this gather dust on my hard drive, I'd release what I'd done.

This mod attempts to correct the slight color discrepancy between some of the head and body textures of the original BH Argonian mod. With the kind permission of Silaria I have adjusted her Argonian head textures to be toned more towards the color scheme/to the various colors on the neck.However, it is by no means perfect as there is one predominant color in the neck and sticking with that would have been repetitive.

I highly recommend using this mod with Silaria's Argonian textures found here as well as in the mirror link below.

New to v1.1:
-First public release
-Slightly tweaked the female vampire head

Some New Heads
Vampire Heads
Mirror for Silaria's body textures
Requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal
All content Copyright Bravo 1, 2005 (unless otherwise specified)
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Copyright Bethesda Softworks