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I have not heard from Bravo1 in a long time, and the site has not been updated for years. However, I am keeping this website available for those wishing to download his Morrowind mods. Any links that did not work have been corrected or removed.

Tel Volorith v1.0


    Upon reaching the rank of Mouth of the House Telvanni (yeah, I'm afraid that you need to be in House Telvanni for this :-/ ), you are required to build a stronghold. I've added a 'choice' of strongholds; on one hand you can choose to have Tel Uvirith, the original game stronghold, on the other, you can have Tel Volorith. As it is a more secluded stronghold, located in the Azura's Coast Region to the east of Holamayan Monastery, I have not renamed the cell in which it is built (we can let Bethsoft get away with naming Uvirith's Grave, after all, he was a once powerful sorcerer, no?). Anyway, once you choose, you'll proceed normally as with any other stronghold quest.

The quests for Tel Volorith are not the same as Tel Uvirith's, however, I have tried to keep them reasonable. I have also taken the liberty of adding the tirggers for the stronghold build stages 3 and 5, which Bethsoft left out for some reason. Now you will see construction clutter for the latter two phases of the strongholds as well. Also, upon reaching the rank of Wizard in House Telvanni, if you ask Master Aryon about "wizard spells" (remember that quest you did long ago?), he'll offer to teach you a special spell that allows you to teleport between most Telvanni cities. Be careful though, it can be a little... tiring. ;) For those who would rather not have the interior of the stronghold spoiled, please skip ahead to the download.

Ultimately, Tel Volorith's interior is comprised of three cells. The Upper Tower, which basically is like an entrance hall. The Lower Tower, with a study (stocked with various books, however, feel free to remove them if you'd like more display room), assortment of potted plants/mushrooms (after all, we're Telvanni!) and main living quarters along with a small storage room to the side. Finally comes the Observatory (you wondered what all that scrap metal she asks you for was, eh?); it has some shelves to display your Dwemer stuff on (or whatever else you'd like; book rotate might not be a bad idea) as well as ample storage in the crates under the stairs. Also, there's a Dwemer lift (you can use levitate if you want, but come on, lift go down...lift go up...lift go down.....); not really necessary, but I like the atmosphere it adds.

Observatory Lift Teaser
Study Teaser
Requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal
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